because special needs animals need hugs too


Meet Pix. She’s my very sweet cat that happens to be plagued with a lot of health issues. We rescued her as a kitten from someone that had an extreme hoarding issue. The vets think starting her life surrounded by piles of trash and God knows what else had a significant impact on her health. Understandably.

Due to some intense allergies, she just about always breathes through her mouth. With one tooth hanging out. Never both. Which makes getting really cute pictures a little difficult. We’ve come to love her regardless though. Keep doing you, Pix.

Statistically, black cats (and dogs!) have a significantly lower chance of being adopted vs the other colors due to preconceived notions of them bringing people bad luck. Let me state the obvious here… this should go without saying: it isn’t true. Special needs animals are also looked over. People don’t want to take on the extra expenses or feel they don’t have the time to invest in their care. But these guys need love, too.

Don’t overlook these animals, they need and deserve all the love they can get as much as their counterparts. Just because they cost a little extra, won’t take perfect pictures for your Facebook wall, or they need extra attention doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Give them a chance. You won’t regret it.

8 thoughts on “because special needs animals need hugs too

  1. Lauren says:

    A cat without a home has a special need–a home. A home without a cat–if it were my home–would have a special need–a cat to give meaning to life within the home.

    See how simple life can be? At least simple beyond the complications cats always bring with them. But that’s the purpose of our sense of purpose.

  2. mulchandmorecrafts says:

    Have been home to some awesome black cats! Our resident cat now is grey & white, totally inside, blind in one eye, but his special need is that we aren’t allowed to have a dog in the house! He gets nervous just hearing one bark on TV sometimes:)

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