i was outsmarted by a 15 year old

I love what the internet has become. Mainly because I don’t have to do jack to learn anything new except pull up Google or find a how-to video on YouTube. Lazy people, unite! You can seriously find YouTube videos on doing anything. I’ve watched them for car repairs, yoga sequences, and most recently for some better makeup tips. There are hundreds of them on there. After clicking through a bunch of them, I realized most of these girls are just that — girls. Some 15… some 17. Should I be impressed? Embarrassed? Angry that I suck that much at applying makeup? It was rough.

A 28 year old married woman… getting makeup advice from a 15 year old high school freshman. I’m pretty mortified. Even worse, I tried her tips today and got several compliments… It’s not every day you’re forced to admit a 15 year old is more knowledgeable than you at something. For shame.

Time to go back to the rock I’ve been living under.

24 thoughts on “i was outsmarted by a 15 year old

  1. whatsandrathinks says:

    I’m older than you and I barely use any makeup ever (lipstick… mascara… that’s it). I suppose I’m lucky in that I don’t really need it (good skin, natural glow), but sometimes I want to try. I should probably find a you-tube-teenager to help me because I have no idea what other stuff to buy, let alone how to use it!

  2. Phred the Elder says:

    it’s even worse when your pre-pubescent niece or nephew teaches you (the computer programmer for the last 30 years) how to use your phone or tablet, and you discover they are both correct and better informed than you (think you) are…
    Growing old(er) occationally sucks…


  3. whyarentyoupettingme.wordpress.com says:

    Most of those videos are by teen girls because they don’t have jobs or other responsibilities yet, so they can spend most of their time (and money) on doing their makeup, and making videos about doing their makeup. I don’t wear makeup, but I learned how to cut my own hair from a YouTube video by a busy 30-something mom in SE Asia, to whom I am forever grateful for taking the time to share!

  4. ksujes32 says:

    I’m always saying, I need a kid to help me with my phone…I have an engineering degree…such is the circle of life, I guess

  5. rgayer55 says:

    I coerce young people into doing things for me. It’s easy. Just pretend to be a dumbass, ask for their help, and then spend 20 minutes praising them on how smart and helpful they are. Pretty soon, you’ll have them wrapped around your little finger.

  6. kattywampusbooks says:

    Don’t feel bad.
    The kid has tons of spare time to waste. Once the reality of adulthood hits, she’ll have no time to keep up with the fashion trends and then she’ll be moaning about how she had to watch a video on how to do the latest trick.

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