don’t be an ass in public, guys

If you feel the need to berate and make an employee cry just because their store doesn’t carry your beloved organic, sugar-free, no-crap-added cranberry juice you deserve to have your ass kicked. Seriously. Aren’t there more pressing things going on in your life than juice? If not, kudos to you. But come on, guys…ย it doesn’t cost anything to not be a dick to strangers. Or to walk your ass to the other end of the shopping center and go to Trader Joe’s. The majority of us don’t enjoy making or watching other people cry in public, so get your shit straight or order your stuff online and stay home. It’d be appreciated.

The Public At Large


10 thoughts on “don’t be an ass in public, guys

  1. emilypageart says:

    As a business owner, I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve been bitched out more times than I can tell you, and it’s usually because the customer did something really dumbass like not bothering to READ. Drives me apeshit. I want the equivalent of Yelp for business owners and their employees where we can rate customers on a scale of You’re the Bestest to Enough with the Dickitude.

    • polianthus says:

      Enough with the dickitude ๐Ÿ™‚ – dear shrunken sheep – thx for visiting and the follow – great point above – wholeheartedly agree – ive congratulated employees after experiencing them being beratef by a customer and seeing how well they handled it… The lady in question just said – oh hes a grumpy old man, comes in frequently to rant. When people rant at me – in queues, when i am in their way ( a lady recently ran her baby buggy into my legs because i didnt get out of her way fast enough – …. I ask them if they are aware that a huge part of the worlds population has real problems and they might want to focus on how good they ve got it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Blair says:

        Wow. She’s very rude. I’ve also congratulated, and have had to apologize to employees for other’s behaviors. It’s a shame, really. And, you’ve nailed it — there are so many worse things going on in the world!

      • polianthus says:

        The sad thing is the lady and her 2 kids ran me out of three isles – I would step out of her way every time, they didn’t acknowledge this at all, the fourth time, I thought, fine, I am just going to stay standing here and see what happens, at which point she ran her buggy into my legs….at that point I said, sadly, unless you ask me to move, you are going to have to go round the other way….Unfortunately she was not an exapt – and will very likely tell all her friends how horrible the Germans are and how terrible it is living here – one of the challenges is that people move to other countries, don’t bother with social niceties, (although pretty sure that running your buggy into people’s legs is not acceptable anywhere in the world, ) – behave in odd ways, sometimes really odd as above, or sometimes just different, don’t learn the local language either, and are then surprised and outraged when things are different….ah well. The world is a very different place outside of those lucky pockets we are currently fortunate enough to live in, where you can worry about the shop stocking your favourite juice…….ah well

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