some tuesday trivia

Fun Fact: The FDA estimates that the average human unintentionally eats up to a pound of bugs a year.

yum… did someone say extra protein?

Also, it’s come to my attention today is National Black Cat Day in the UK. I’m from the US… but, I have a cat. She is black. So, I’m going to force y’all to look at a picture of her anyway. You’re welcome.


18 thoughts on “some tuesday trivia

  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    If your kitty is an outdoor cat, make sure she’s inside until around the 3rd. People are messed up to them this time of year.

  2. tpesce2015 says:

    Bug fiber consumed unintentionally? As long as it’s unknowingly – I can stand this horrific information. Blech!!

    As for sleek, shiny black cats with their pointed ears and loving natures and quick intelligence – I have two and I love them both. And yes, around Halloween, we keep their black beauty indoors.

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