dear Petco (some tuesday trivia)

Fun Fact: Rats laugh when they are tickled.

I wonder how weird the Petco employees would think I am if I told them I wasn’t there to purchase anything. Only to tickle their rats. Think they’d let me, or call security? Maybe I just need to take a trip to NYC.

At least I found a new goal to accomplish in November.


They are kinda cute, right? Maybe a little bit?

38 thoughts on “dear Petco (some tuesday trivia)

  1. Mother Pucker says:

    I used to go there and stare at the crickets. You know, the ones they sell as live reptile grub? If we were both in Petco at the same time they wouldn’t know who to kick out first!

  2. chattykerry says:

    I love rats – ignore that Fridge Magnet. He is easily repulsed.. 🙂 Look at that gorgeous wee white tummy and tiny pink feet. Next time I go to Petco I will ask if I can tickle a rat. I already babble baby talk at the ferrets so I have nothing to lose…

  3. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    I love all furries! As long as we have an understanding that the house is mine and you can stay in the yard.

  4. beccacblogs says:

    I used to be the person in charge of the small animals at my local petco (which included cleaning the cages) and I remember every morning the rat and mouse cages looked like a crime scene because they would fight and bleed everywhere! Perhaps all they needed was a tickle to keep them getting along haha

      • beccacblogs says:

        probably not…but only because I’d be afraid you’d get bit…or drop it I don’t know if you’ve ever had the occasion to chase a spooked rodent around a shop teeming with dogs but let me tell you…it’s a workout. haha

  5. vickyomand says:

    I like rats. They’re full of character. Also, I like pronouncing rats in the same way Claudia from Interview With The Vampire does. Use your entire face to say it, “rats”. Love it.

  6. Patrick says:

    Do a search on “extremely deadly rat trap”. Red Dog Garage will come up number 1 in Google. My claim to fame. There are either a lot of rat infestation or psychotic rat killers in the world. 🙂 Rats are not popular according to my stats on this single post.

  7. Miriam B says:

    Not sure about the cute factor of rats, but guinea pigs are pretty damn cute and they are a cousin of the rodents! We have two girl pigs, went on holidays and they were babysat. Last week we woke to four new little guinea piglet babies! Apparently while we were away there’d been an “accident” in the back seat of the car! Hmmmm, I feel a post coming!

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