here piggy piggy (tuesday trivia)

Fun Fact: A pig’s orgasm can last up to 30 minutes.

Am I the only one that’s pissed about this? This seems pretty unfair. What the hell, God? Is this the price we are paying for eating pigs? If we give up bacon, can we have one last for 30 minutes too?ย pigmask

As I was searching for pig pictures, I came across Esther The Wonder Pig. Have any of y’all heard of her? She was supposedly a “mini-pig” but turned out to be massive. I wonder if you can house-train pigs. Holy shit, she is cute. I want a pig roaming around my house, as long as they aren’t leaving massive poopsย on my kitchen floor. I’ve been obsessing all morning looking at her Instagram photos. Go look.


52 thoughts on “here piggy piggy (tuesday trivia)

  1. pixieannie says:

    I saw a pig on TV the other evening; supposedly a micro pig, it weighed 30 stones and was on a restricted diet.

    30 minutes? I think humans would struggle to stand for so long. There’d be less work done, that’s for sure. Coitus takes so long as they are intrauterine inseminators, as opposed to humans, who deposit semen around the cervix. Oh god, that sounds so clinical. I’ve never seen that on a t-shirt before; ‘I’m an intrauterine inseminator.”

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Pigs are pretty clean from what I understand. Can be trained to use litter box and don’t smell.
    I’m just going to leave the 30 minute thing alone!

  3. pixieannie says:

    Coitus is generally shorter than 30 minutes but the boar usually has more than one cycle. Imagine half a litre of semen….that’s going to take some time to get where it needs to get.

      • pixieannie says:

        No. Beds would be plasticised and carpets would be ripped up and replaced with a drain in the middle of the floor. Imagine the poor cleaning ladies/men/people. Actually, don’t imagine that at all. You’re welcome…..I could go into more detail but I shall save a bit for later on.

      • Blair (The Shameful Sheep) says:

        Staying in a hotel would be a traumatic experience. I already worry about their cleanliness. Imagine the smell everywhere. Oh man. On a positive note — people might end up healthier. Every time you’d have sex it would be a full on workout.

      • pixieannie says:

        Please don’t go there….perhaps they could have a plug in the mattress and a bottle that you empty yourself. Oh god, how did I even get to thinking of that one? A workout for the guy but what of the woman?

  4. icelandpenny says:

    First, thanks for the follow! (My Chinese zodiac sign is the sheep, so you & I are cosmically something-or-other.) About pigs & poop & trivia: do not adopt a panda bear. They poop 40 times a day. (So the Toronto Zoo informs us in a giant billboard — along with other panda factoids — & surely we can trust a zoo to know these things.)

  5. patriciaruthsusan says:

    I understand pigs are friendly and smart, but in the house? I’ve also heard their poop smells terrible, but maybe it differs with what they’re fed. I don’t especially want to find out. ๐Ÿ˜€ — Suzanne Joshi

  6. Healthy Not Nuts says:

    I always wanted a little pig but I read that a lot of times they grow much bigger than expected. They ARE cute, though.

  7. Becky says:

    As you can tell, I’m back reading posts trying to catch up – teacup pigs are where it’s at! Except someone I know who has all kinds of animals (but pigs) said they are horrible dirty and eat holes in walls and things. Such a bummer.

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