embrace your inner crazy

For the love of God!  I mean… Cats! For the love of cats!


I’ve been trying to stay on top of my Christmas shopping this year, and I’m happy to announce: I’ve been kicking some serious ass. I’m almost done.  So, I’m pretty sure that warrants a pat on the back or something as it’s not even December yet. And a cookie. Maybe a brownie. Okay…both. I want both, damn it.

Who’s getting the most gifts from us this year? The cat. Yep, you read that right. Our pet cat. I’m not sure how or when this happened, but I’ve become one of those strange cat ladies.  The kind that has conversations with a non-verbal cat more often than with other human beings. Sometimes we share pieces of cheese together and take turns licking the same ice cream cone. (Okay, I don’t actually do that. Have you ever smelled cat breath? Blech.)  Sadly, I’m not even 30 yet. I didn’t think crazy-cat-lady syndrome could happen so early.


So far, she will have a new cat tree, water fountain, automatic feeder, litter box, bed, blanket, and a slew of toys under the tree. I can’t wait to see the look on her face on Christmas morning when she gets to open them all.

……. We really need to have kids or something. This is getting scary. Help

65 thoughts on “embrace your inner crazy

  1. tpesce2015 says:

    You’re not crazy. You’re in love. Love gives. And I speak fluent feline, so though I don’t initiate cat-conversations, when I’m meowed/mewed at, I feel it’s only polite to reply. So I do, in tonal kind. Love is multi-lingual.

  2. jlouisemac says:

    Before you got to the part about buying presents for your cat, I thought “Oh god, you’re still buying presents? I thought we were at the age where we didn’t have to do that anymore.(Unless you have kids, then the cycle starts all over again).”

  3. chattykerry says:

    Blair, you are not even in the crazy cat lady zone, yet. I do share my ice-cream, sandwich or cheese with my cats. If they lick it once and then turn their persnickity noses up at it, then I will just finish it. We still buy little presents for our geriatric cats and wrap them in tissue paper for Christmas. It’s the best fun watching them open their presents. Keep up the good work and you will eventually achieve full cat crazy lady status, like me. 🙂

  4. spartacus2030 says:

    Holy cow! I don’t get that much! Does it go to any cat club meetings with other cats? I have a cat… He speaks to me alright! If I don’t feed him after the second meow, heal moan under his breath when I do… Actually, he’s kind of bossy! He’s a pushy cat :O)

  5. thepogblog says:

    I laughed. Then remembered I had planed on ham and cheese on toast tonight, but there wasn’t enough ham for me AND Norman cat. I just had plain old cheese on toast…obviously he got the ham :/

  6. watermark17 says:

    Haha, I love it! You say “Crazy-Cat-Lady” like it’s a bad thing :). My cats are my best friends so I can totally relate. Also, great job on getting done with your Christmas shopping. I haven’t even started! Xoxo.

  7. Southernruralroute.wordpress.com says:

    I don’t think having kids is going to erase Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome. An incurable disease, unfortunately. I have a Siamese and he talks to me as much as I talk to him, but don’t tell anybody, okay?

  8. sakurasaturn says:

    I used to buy my cat Christmas gifts. He even had his own stocking, which I still own (somewhere). I used to try to get him to tear the paper to shreds to open it. Unless it ended up being food, he was usually completely indifferent to the whole matter. It was more fun for me than it was for him. He was not just a cat; he was a part of our family. The picture of your cat above reminds me of him.

  9. Miriam says:

    Yep, afraid I can relate big time, but for me it’s dogs, not cats. Harry is like my third child and gets spoilt rotten at Christmas, I just can’t help myself. He gets so excited. Enjoyed your post immensely! 🙂

  10. S.H. says:

    I’m 10 years younger than you, and well on my way to developing Cat Lady Syndrome… I swear I have nightmarish dreams about my cat not being happy enough, or someone not being nice enough to her (although she’s really fine, and nearly always purring). But I suppose its the way parents (of children) must feel… You’re always looking out for what might make them happy, whether it be something leftover after craft time (that’s safe of course) or out of the hundreds of toys available at pet stores; not to mention all the time spent dissecting the ingredients list on a particular brand of pet food, or medicinal ingredients in shampoo or toothpaste, whatever; or having 20 tabs on your browser open to compare cat trees before purchasing. You always want what’s best for our dear kitties.

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