i want to make your kitty purr (enter the giveaway!)

What does any mature and sophisticated newly 29-year-old adult want to do on her birthday? I’m pretty sure the right answer is hide under a comfy blanket with coffee in hand and spend the day with her cat. That’s what I want to do, at least. The only problem is Pix will barely put up with the audacity of me ‘being present’ for so long before she realizes that laying in the sun is a much more tempting offer. I don’t blame her, really.

Today is my birthday. The best thing about birthdays? Gifts. (And getting to do whatever the hell you want all day without anyone telling you you’re a lazy sack. Oh, and cake. Mmm) So, I thought it would be fun to give a present away. It contains the necessary items to attain my ideal ‘perfect day.’ A super soft blanket,  a mug for your coffee, and fun things to make your cat(s) want to spend the day with you.


Included in the giveaway is:
– A plush red and brown new cat bed
– A plaid fleece blanket
– A cat-crazy coffee mug
– Kitty treats
– 3 crocheted balls that rattle
– 3 crocheted catnip-infused mice
– 2 crocheted sling bands (Pix’s favorite!)

All crocheted toys are done by yours truly. Normally, I  sell them to raise money for the SPCA and these are the colors I had on hand. If you want specific colors, just ask! I hoard yarn in every color imaginable.

To enter: Fill out the form below. In the ‘comment’ section of the form, please say what state you live in (US) or what country. You can enter from now through the end of Saturday (11:59pm EST). The winner will be drawn at random and announced here Sunday.

If you have a cat: enter
If you don’t, but know someone who does: enter (I’ll mail it out before Christmas)
If you don’t have a cat, or know any cat lovers: enter and donate it to your local humane society. I’m sure they would appreciate it.

Next time, I’ll do a more generic giveaway. Like money, or an Amazon gift card. But, it’s my birthday. As Cartman would say:  I do what I want! 


(This giveaway is sponsored by my husband. Who happily supported me spending money in order to do this even though I don’t make money blogging. He’s pretty kickass)

91 thoughts on “i want to make your kitty purr (enter the giveaway!)

  1. Me MyColon and I says:

    Happy Birthday! Here is a song from Arthur:

    It’s your birthday, now your twenty-nine
    You’re so old! Holy Cow!
    Here’s a present. Wheres the ice cream?
    We are hungry, feed us now!

    And I sing it from the bottom of my heart.

  2. circumstance227 says:

    Happy Birthday! I would enter your contest but don’t want to make you pay for overseas shipping – and besides, my cat spits and sputters and drools and squawks, but he doesn’t purr.

  3. spartacus2030 says:

    Thanx anyway, but our kitty already gets more than I do :O( HAPPY B-DAY! (Sprinkles…) Gonna have some Champaigne, become a nuiscence, and wake up with a hangover, in jail?

  4. Deziz World says:

    Oh me cats and kittens made wiff luv toys fur a give away. Weez got our paws cwossed dat we win. Mommy wuld luv, luv, luv da coffee mug. You know she finks she just has to have dat stuff all day every day. And can you believe she wants to drink it while it’s hot? Like we don’t have other fings fur her to do. MOL As fur da blankey and bed…we’ll share wiff mommy, we purromise. And no, our paws weren’t cwossed behind our back. MOL

    Most purrtant of all, weez wishin’ you a Happy and blest birffday.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  5. trishafaye says:

    I tried to enter, but it wouldn’t go. Maybe because I’m using Google Chrome?
    What fun! I love your idea. Happy Birthday!!

    Thanksgiving weekend, we found 5 little ones (about 4-5 weeks old). The first one on Thanksgiving morning had fallen into a bucket where I’d been collecting rainwater & was frantically trying to stay afloat. Her name is now Lucky. The next day we got her 2 brothers. Shadow (he’s black) and Nipper (from the chomp marks left on by better half’s hand). The guy across the street said a feral had them under his house. They were just old enough to start venturing out.

    On Sunday, following three days of rain, I heard frantic cries in our backyard. Two kittens were stumbling through puddles, in the dark, lost and calling out for mama. They came from under our house, from another feral. They’re about a week younger than the other 3. They’re now Marbles (marbled gray tabby) and Puddles.

    Which brings our number up to …. ahem… not gonna say. So seeing how you crochet cat toys for the SPCA – you just went up another notch in my book!

  6. kstewand4cats says:

    Happy Bday! My 13 year old cat died from cancer about a month before my 40th. Her death combined with the ridiculous number, was an opportunity to make my friends bring cat shelter donations (and alcohol) instead of gifts I didn’t need.

  7. Amy Orvin says:

    I live in South Carolina. What a really nice prize. My cats would love that comfy bed. 🙂 Thank you for the chance. Happy Holidays!

  8. S.H. says:

    Happy belated birthday! I missed the giveaway but I’m so glad that someone would take the initiative to do something like this, especially since the gifts are likely going to be donated to the SPCA. I’ll be sure to check your Etsy store! (My sister is into crocheting and is just about to finish a green vest for my kitten Curie, by the way!). How many cats do you have? I’m venturing through your blog to find out 🙂

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