because, priorities. (giveaway winner revealed!)

Ever find a channel on YouTube and become completely consumed watching it? Your coffee gets cold, you forget to eat breakfast, and you’re two hours late for your run, but, you don’t even care. In this moment, that crap just doesn’t matter anymore. You’re hooked. All in. Obsessed. You’re queuing up your emails and spam posting to social media. You’d be doing a disservice if you don’t tell everyone you know that they must. watch. this. now. This shit is important.

This happened to me this morning when I found ‘Simon’s Cat’ on YouTube. I’m probably embarrassing myself by saying this, considering it’s been around for years, with millions of views, books, and TV commercials. But, I just found it and I’m in love. (The video is short, I promise! If you like cats or have them, you’ll enjoy it)

Also, today is Sunday. Woo. Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway drawing. It was far more than I expected, and y’all are awesome. There can only be one winner, though. And the person’s name who was randomly drawn this time:

catcraftsmo who has an awesome blog here: Why Cats Rule The World Hurray! (I will be emailing you later today)

55 thoughts on “because, priorities. (giveaway winner revealed!)

  1. Kate Crimmins says:

    Simon has done a lot of cat videos. They are better (and cheaper) than therapy on a bad day. They are better than eggnog on a good day! (I swear he peeps in my window for ideas…just saying) Glad you had a great response to your contest.

  2. catcraftsmo says:

    My family was turned on to “Simon’s Cat” a few years ago by a good friend. It is the BEST THING EVER!! The creator is obviously a long-time cat owner, because the situations and the actions of the cat are dead on! We love it!

  3. hannahdestiny27 says:

    I love those videos! My entire family had a big “Simon’s Cat” marathon about a month ago when we realized there were several new ones we hadn’t seen! My favourite is still the very first one…although I like the one with the Christmas tree too. 😀

      • hannahdestiny27 says:

        The very first one is “Cat Man Do” — I saw it for the first time several years ago when a friend shared it on Facebook (or by email, I can’t remember) and I’ve been hooked ever since! Haha and I find that my aunt’s little black kitty Bella looks an awful lot like ‘Simon’s Cat’. I think it’s the position of her ears, lol.

  4. Ivy Willow says:

    I LOVE SIMON’S CAT!!!!!! Hurray for finding it ^.^ I watch a lot of science youtube things. I’ll lose hours watching videos from them, scishow, vsauce, asapscience, smarterEveryDay, just to name a few.

      • Ivy Willow says:

        Some of them are really funny, which helps. I’ve passed by more than a few dull, boring ones, where putting a screwdriver through your hand sounds more entertaining. VSauce is super entertaining, and asks a lot of questions that aren’t normally asked, like “What’s the speed of dark” and Scishow covers all sorts of things. He talks fast, and keeps it engaging. Then SmarterEveryDay explains a lot of things, but he’s so excited about all of it, and he uses high speed cameras, which is really cool. ASAPScience is an adorable couple that are very much into what they explain and do, and it keeps it engaging. So, there’s a few maybe to check out that you might like!

  5. jannatwrites says:

    I only discovered Simon’s Cat a few weeks ago – I adore those videos too! He definitely has cat behavior down. I have not seen the video you posted here so I’m going to check that out now 🙂

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