welcome, little hellraiser

From the age of four, my Christmas list always had a puppy or kitten as my #1 most wished for gift. Seriously, I wrote it every damn year. Twenty-five years later, Santa has finally made my wish come true. Took him long enough, right? Bastard.

christmaskitty3This sweet 3-month-old kitty is actually a Christmas gift from my in-laws. (Sit down, Santa) Alex and I were looking for a kitten with a similar personality of our resident cat, Pix, so they would mesh well together. Well, my mother-in-law found the perfect kitten at the vet school she works at.  She and her litter-mates were found at the high-kill animal shelter and brought in to teach vet students how to spay/neuter. And, well… she is painfully sweet and adorable. We are in love already. We’ve been taking our time with her introduction to Pix, and it’s been going better than we expected. No hissing or growling so far. (We are expecting this to change,though lol) Pix has always been around cats and dogs, so we aren’t too worried.christmaskitty6

Do you have any good cat names? We are blanking on a good name for her, and have been referring to her as “Christmas Kitty” for the past two days. We like names that are a bit different. Help a girl out

Merry Christmas, guys. I hope your weekends are filled with an overabundance of family time, great food, desserts so sweet your teeth are contemplating jumping ship, and of course, happiness. I’m truly looking forward to reading everyone’s Christmas recaps and seeing pictures.

124 thoughts on “welcome, little hellraiser

  1. Kate Crimmins says:

    She is just gorgeous! I was going to suggest Holly, Noel or something Christmasy but if you’re a little way out you could call her Festivus or (gulp!) Saturnia! I am sure you will come up with something extraordinary!

  2. Steve Boer says:

    I like taking a typical name anyone might pick for the cat, or something that describes it’s colour and then translating it into a different language. Our grey cat is named Kemuri, which is Japanese for ‘smoke’

  3. chattykerry says:

    She is adorable – what a fabulous Christmas present! How about Holly or Stella (star) or Elf or Miss L Toes (that’s my husband’s idea) or Eggnog or Plum (Pudding) or Clove or Myrhh or Merry. That was so much fun and it’s not even our cat. 🙂

  4. mulchandmorecrafts says:

    A beautiful tortoise shell (our last tortie was named Curio- a cross between curiosity and the cabinets she loved poking into:) With those ears she looks like Elfin Magic!

    Have a Merry Christmas and fun picking a name that’s special to her and you.

  5. debmoyes says:

    What a sweet tortie girl! We’ve had several torties. The one who looked like her was named Schminky,which is a last name! We’ve done a lot of spices over the years; Sassafrass, Basil, Tarragon. Thing names are fun too – we have a Gizmo and had a Widget. Enjoy her. Give her a kiss for me!

  6. Marissa Bergen says:

    I like the pattern on her face. Our cats were Horshack (from the old tv show Welcome Back Kotter) and Rosetta. Those are up for grabs. It can be funny naming them after TV or movie characters.

  7. joey says:

    Really cute kitty! Congratulations on your rescue!
    I like many of the names — Noel is quite nice. I think over time, they kinda tell you what names they might prefer. Let us know when you choose one.

  8. Heather says:

    Oh! Congratulations!! She’s beautiful. Can’t wait to see how much “tortitude” she’s got. 😉 I keep a running list of names for when I have to name fosters. Though for your own cat, you need to see what her personality’s like. Still, “Cricket” and “Faline” (Bambi’s girlfriend) are on my list. Not Christmas themed, though.

  9. mysecretme75 says:

    Our cat’s name is Sunday because that is the day of the week we got her. It was also the only name my kids came up with that wasn’t hideous.

  10. mopana says:

    She is so beautiful 🙂 Maybe you can call her Tigress. She look like a tiger.
    I wish you a beautiful and happy Christmas Party along with all your loved ones ❤

  11. New Bloggy Cat says:

    Too cute! I had a cat named Yo-yo when I was a teenager cos he’s cross-eyed and looked hypnotized. How about ‘Neko”…that’s Japanese for cat or “Tora” if you want a stronger name which means “Tiger”.(“⌒∇⌒”)

  12. Julie Holmes, author says:

    What a little cutie! Love the suggestions so far. First thing I thought was Moxie. A friend has a cat named Neko who can open the sliding door outside–seriously! She took a video of the little hellraiser doing it!

  13. Dennis the Vizsla says:

    hello shameful sheep its dennis the vizsla dog hay yore krismas kitty is vary kyoot!!! i wood say yoo cud naym her trouble like owr kitty yoozed to be naymd but then yore kitty mite start trying to tayk over the wurld and stuf just like owr kitty did!!! of korse beeing a kitty yore kitty wil probly try to tayk over the wurld ennyway its sort of wot they do!!! mary krismas!!! ok bye

  14. Nichole says:

    I’m a geek with names. If I got another cat I’d name him/her Schrödinger or Schrö for short. 😀 hah That’s so great to rescue a kitty. All of ours have been rescues!

  15. April says:

    Your kitty looks like my Knuckles—the one who has a love of eating ribbon. I ask for an orange tabby kitten every Christmas. Actually, I want two. I want to name one Gin and the other Tonic. However, my husband thinks I’m joking. I did get a Christmas kitty about 7 years ago. The best present I’ve ever received. His name is Maverick but it should have been Goose.

  16. flatpickingjd says:

    She’s too cute.

    How much of her personality have you seen so far? I ask because I just saw a show where the character’s name was Grace. If she’s graceful, that could work. Or if she’s clumsy it could be ironic. And that name kinda fits the season . .

    Of course you could go for ultra-cutsie and name her Dixie (or Dix) to go with Pix.

    • Blair (The Shameful Sheep) says:

      We have seen quite a bit, but not all. She definitely isn’t graceful, so it would have to be ironic haha. I love that name though. My husband gives me a silent glare every time I suggest something cutesie. Not sure if I could go that way. For some reason, this is a really hard decision for us haha

  17. icelandpenny says:

    I’m glad the introduction to Pix is (so far at least) going well. I’ve always found it easier to bring a baby into the house than another grown animal, perhaps that is helping you here. Possible name? Since she is a gift, how about “Cadeau”? (Ka-doh, stress slightly on the second syllable.) It means gift, in French, is easy to pronounce, has that open vowel sound at the end that’s so helpful when calling an animal — and could always be slurred into Cat-toe!

    • Blair (The Shameful Sheep) says:

      That’s why we went with a kitten 🙂 we have fostered cats before, and since Pix is very shy and timid, she has also been ‘bullied’ by other cats before. We were afraid bringing in another adult may be traumatizing for her. There has been some growling, but it’s gone so smoothly it’s amazing. 🙂

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