vd can ruin your teen years

I think I’ve finally found a reason to like Facebook. Which is weird, considering it normally pisses me off more than having a front wedgie I can’t dig down and fix in public (you know what I mean, ladies.) I must have done something right yesterday, because I was gifted by the social media gods when my friend ‘liked’ something and it showed up in my news feed. It was a post by the most popular guy in my high school a decade ago. Let’s just say – his life didn’t turn out too pretty. (From now on, I’ll refer to him as VD, which I’m sure he has contracted multiple times by now.)


I wasn’t popular in high school. (I know — not very shocking, right?) Not that I was one of those 18-year-olds that hid in the corner picking their nose with a Spongebob trapper-keeper clutched to my chest or anything – I hovered somewhere in the middle. I kind of just existed. Overshadowed by my two closest friends who were deemed ‘the hottest girls in the school.’ Yep. I was the token ugly friend.  And once my brother graduated and wasn’t there to scare VD anymore – he never let me forget it. I was a force invite to things just because of them and nobody wanted me there. VD made a point to remind me of it daily.

So, when his post popped up, and I was able to go to his profile, it was glorious. I don’t want to be too cruel, here, so I’m just going to say it looks like he got the shit kicked out of him by life. He had a picture posted of his friends surrounding him in a bar, each one much more attractive. He was the ugly friend. He got demoted to the DUFF. How blissfully ironic. Karma’s a bitch, VD. 

Thanks, Life. I owe you one. 

(I actually debated even posting this because it might make me sound like a bitch. I don’t ever judge people on appearance and despise people that do. But that’s what he did to me and it caused a lot of anxiety when I was young. So fuck it. And fuck him.)

142 thoughts on “vd can ruin your teen years

  1. 2ndhalfolife says:

    When I went to a HS reunion after many years (was it 25 or more years?), the men looked like crap I must say. Many more of the women has aged well. What’s up with that? They were fat and bald. All the HS althletes…the jocks. It was fun to see honestly I must admit. I was just a trouble maker in HS–and proud of it. 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    No. Totally get it! There were a couple people like that for me. Love how life just settles things. Being an asshole catches up to people. It’s glorious.

  3. Charlotte Graham says:

    Hahaha I love this!! And no, this doesn’t at all make you sound like a B. I totally feel you on all of what you said. I was the bookish smart goody-two-shoes in high school — not popular, but not a freak either. So yeah I totally get where you’re coming from. I do that with FB a lot now as well looking at the once popular kids who ignored the humble nerds like me. 🙂

  4. deadbeatmom says:

    I can totally relate. I went to my high school reunion about 5 years back. And while I wouldn’t say I was unpopular, I was definitely part of the “smart” crowd vs. the “hot” crowd. Flash forward 25 years where one of the “hot” guys shared his convoluted story about how he had to move back in with his parents and how he’s now a masseur but not a registered massage therapist. I think I nearly choked on my beer trying not to laugh as I imagined him working at one of those shady “spas” with the neon flashing signs.

  5. The EcoFeminist says:

    Awesome. Yeah while I’m not on Facebook (4 years away from it, don’t miss it at all) and have never been to a class reunion, at the 20 year reunion I did look online and saw that the “cool kids” almost all looked like crap, with exception of the captain of the dance team who looks like she sleeps in a tanning bed every night. Heh. Bitchy or not, they were fucking assholes to a lot of people and karma’s a bitch.

    PS thanks for following my blog 🙂

  6. The Voice says:

    I can’t imagine you being the ugly anything, Blair. Apparently VD can add “visually impaired” to his list of deficits.

    Like you, in high school I was the lesser seen not-popular, not-unpopular person that most people simply don’t remember. I recently found the FB profile of the “hot girl” from back then and holy good-genes-gone-bad Batman, did she get ugly! I don’t feel bad about saying that (nor should you hesitate to feel the way you do about VD) because she wouldn’t have given me the time of day back then and now I can say I feel the same about her.

    So yeah, fuck him. You reap what you sow, bitches!

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