there are some strange people out there

Fun Fact: If you lick someone’s elbow while they aren’t paying attention, they won’t feel it


Get those mouths ready, friends! Time to go put our tongues on some weenises!

Have any of you tried this before?  Apparently there’s some YouTubers who film themselves doing this to random schmucks as some sort of game. Are you brave enough to walk up and put your tongue on a random person and risk being caught? Because that wouldn’t be awkward or anything…

( In case you didn’t know – ‘weenis’ is the term for the flap of skin on your elbow)

Watch. Be disturbed. Get out there and lick some shit.

119 thoughts on “there are some strange people out there

  1. mawil1 says:

    I’m sure that if challenged I would have taken this up during my student days! Now I’m too mature and I don’t have so much fun😟

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