you sexy love muffin

I’ve never really understood Valentine’s Day. If it takes corporate America to force you into proving your love to someone… chances are y’all ain’t gonna make it. Sorry folks. But, I can’t completely condemn a holiday that emphasizes something positive. Especially one that’s often paired with champagne and chocolate. Or cheesecake. Mmm… cheesecake.

Do chocolates, roses, and jewelry do it for you? Do you expect to come home to rose petals strewn across the bed while your partner is naked and covered in sushi? A stuffed bear holding a fuzzy heart? A surprise couples massage and a rub down by a sexy masseuse named Antonio? (or, if you prefer women — a sexy masseuse named Sophia)catvalentinesday

It seems like Valentine’s day evokes a lot of different feelings for people. I’m genuinely curious where you stand.




191 thoughts on “you sexy love muffin

  1. The Good Greatsby says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day. They all feel so contrived. Also Christmas. And anniversaries. And just about any holiday that tries to equate spending money with affection. I do like Halloween.

  2. elle superstar says:

    Poll reference: Aww, I feel sad for those singletons who get depressed on Valentine’s Day. I hope they evolve and realize they are responsible for their own happiness. BTW, stealing that photo, too. 😀

  3. Ealachan says:

    I’m pretty “meh” about Valentine’s Day. My parents used to use it as an excuse to buy candy, which I was totally down with as a kid. Nowadays my husband and I use it as an excuse to go out to a fancy dinner that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to really justify dropping a bunch of money on. We get each other cards as well, but that’s pretty much it and that’s enough for us.

  4. Heather Nemec says:

    I work as a cashier at a grocery store but I am cross trained in the Floral Dept ( I went to school for Floral Design) and let me tell you from the flower people’s side it sucks! I hate roses in such a way its not natural! Haha! Having to help an endless stream of clueless guys try to pick out flowers for 8 hours is not fun. Normally I don’t mind but something about this holiday makes it worse.

    • Blair (The Shameful Sheep) says:

      I didn’t know you could go to school for Floral Design. That’s pretty awesome. Now I feel a bit better about how terrible I am at arranging my own flowers haha. I can’t even imagine the constant onslaught of customers during V-Day at the floral dept. You poor thing haha.

  5. Danielle says:

    My expectations for Valentines Day are pretty low. My husband will either forget or I’ll be pleasantly surprised with chocolate while listening to how stupid the holiday is (I agree except for the chocolate). His parents will call and sing “happy valentines day” to us. I’ll probably get a card and phone call from my dad, which is kinda weird but it’s cool he cares enough. The rest of my family will send a quick text. If my dad calls late in the day, I’ll hear about whatever elaborate event my sister’s fiancé put together for her. All in all, a good Valentines Day if you ask me.

    Oh and my Word Chums dude has the bear with the heart right now. I wouldn’t mind one of those. I can’t have chocolatee until I get my gallbladder out and recover so maybe I’ll be surprised with a bear instead this year? It would be a huge surprise if I was but one can hope.

      • Danielle says:

        Thanks! “As close to no fat as you can get in this country” is my stupid diet right now along with “gain weight” LOL. Um right, like that’s gonna happen. I’ve always been a runt. And to my dentist: I’m sorry; yes I am intentionally totally ignoring everything you advised. I hope I get on the surgery schedule soon too. I hope your day goes well too (:

  6. nectar1269 says:

    I think Valentine’s Day has become truly atrocious. Even if I was in a relationship I’d be embarrassed to partake in the ridiculousness of the day! To escape from all the nonsense on social media I went for a massage and then had dinner with my parents 🙂

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