all you need is chocolate.

Although we look at Valentine’s Day as ‘commercial’ in my house, I still can’t condemn a holiday that boasts love. All you really need in life is love and chocolate, right? So, that’s what Alex and I will be focusing on today – making chocolate cookies smothered in huge globs of frosting. (Let’s face it … cake,cupcakes, and cookies are really just vehicles for however much frosting you can pile on and shove down your throat.)  Needless to say … it’s going to be a good day. 

Still, I wanted to share some things I love. They really shouldn’t come as a surprise since I talk about them often, but I never put  legitimate pictures/videos up of people.


Alex, who shares my love for animals and married me despite all of my craziness. 


Pix – my spoiled kitty who is obsessed with her heated bed


Tora – only 4 months old, but knows how to work a camera

Happy Valentine’s Day, guys. Hope y’all have a great day. Remember – you don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy today. There are plenty of other important things to love on.

86 thoughts on “all you need is chocolate.

  1. Kate Crimmins says:

    I have a heated cat bed but haven’t used it for a while. It’s like 9 degrees outside. It would be a good day to test it out. I had purchased it for an old ill kitty many years ago so my current cats wouldn’t know what it is. They do enjoy lying in front of the fireplace with my husband toasting up. Love all your pics and any man who loves cats is a keeper.

  2. Drunk Off Rhetoric says:

    Wait, there’s such a thing as heated cat beds? I’m adding this to my amazon cart right now. I got a heated blanket as a gift for Christmas and my cat has spent more time in it than I have.

  3. PursuePeaceBlog says:

    I really enjoyed this post. Such a feel-good reminder! I tend to dislike this holiday, simply because I think people should love like it’s V-day everyday and I don’t really appreciate flowers as much as some. However, I am going to write my husband a sappy love-letter today anyway. Talk about contradictory 🙂 I love your attitude! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Rosie Scribblah says:

    I made a humungous chocolate cake with chocolate orange frosting for Husb and he gave me a biography of Tom Jones. Result. The kittehs were as spoilt rotten as they are every day of their lives.

  5. Jessica Adam says:

    Ok, pee and poop aside, your niece is adorable. Her smile and laugh, THAT is what Valentine’s Day is about. ❤️ Love your photo of your husband with the cat sleeping ON him! How cute is that?

    Love your kitties. You’ve inspired me to post a picture of Sophie on my blog for Valentine’s Day!

    Great post. Hope you have a day that’s as wonderful as you are! 🙂

  6. 2ndhalfolife says:

    Yes, this kid def is related to you…or did you pay her to say that stuff? 🙂 Yes, single and snuggling the pets and my Mama. And I ran for the first time in ages today!! Woo hoo. Happy V-day to you girl. ❤

  7. Jonelle Patrick says:

    I’ve gotta say, the very best thing about writing a blog (since otherwise it feels a lot like throwing a leaf into the grand canyon) is that I get to cross paths with people like YOU. Who is also a lot like me! I’m so happy I found your blog, and I’m really looking forward to nodding my head and laughing out loud here alone in my Tokyo room at your next writings on the likes of Flintstone vitamins and WEENISES.

  8. missp1983 says:

    Agree with your view of commercial valentines – I went on a rant about how I didn’t want flowers on Valentine’s – if he wishes to buy me flowers then I’d rather he bought them when he so feels…so instead he bought me a camellia bush last year, with the romantic notion that we would plant it in our house (when we get one) – but with us then moving out of our apartment and house hopping with family… It died. Thankfully it is not representative of our relationship!!
    I love this post about the things you love – thank you for sharing 🙂

  9. heretherebespiders says:

    We didn’t do anything either! He DID bring me chocolate, but it was early Easter candy (Reeses, rare to find here). And I’m off the sugar for a while as I still have my Christmas Bellah. Love seeing the furry ones (himself included). Was there a video? Nothing now.

    • Blair (The Shameful Sheep) says:

      Ohhh… Reeses… mmmmm. My favorite candy by far. There was a video, but I took it down. I put it up without my sister’s permission, thinking it was okay since it was a few years ago. Then… I changed my mind and thought it might not have been a smart move. It was my niece talking about how much her cats like to poop. And will poop on you when you’re sleeping lol.

      • carolynswriting says:

        Oh that explains all the comments about nieces & videos – thought I was going crazier than normal! Gorgeous photos, & we don’t bother with Valentines Day either. We eat enough chocolate every day as it is! We also tell each other ‘I love you’ every time one of us goes somewhere else – I thought it was over-sentimental at first but now I think it’s one of the strongest things of our relationship 🙂 LOVE your photos, gorgeous cats & the man’s alright to, lol!

  10. shan.solo says:

    Thanks for the like and follow! We’re big believers of ‘commercial’ too, but then it’s like – it’s an excuse to buy chocolate, so there’s that. (Not that I need an excuse…)

    Ps. Your fur babies are cute x infinity.

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