time for a beatdown

There are very few things in life that make me angry enough to want to rip somebody’s face off and wear it as a diaper. Very few. Actually, I pride myself in knowing how to take a joke and rarely being offended by things. Well, yesterday I had one of those moments where a face-diaper almost became a real thing, generously coupled with a swift kick to the balls. (I was in a giving mood… what can I say?)

Guys… telling a woman she shouldn’t wear yoga pants in public because she’s overweight is something that should never happen. Especially when you follow it up with the fact that it’s nothing to do with how it makes her feel, but she shouldn’t wear them because it’s hurting YOUR eyes. I don’t care if you meant it as a joke or not. You’re a prick and fuck you. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people? What’s happening to common sense and manners?


I truly hope I never overhear something like this again. If I do, there’s a 95% chance I’m going to take a crap on your face. Watch out you sad little shit.

Do you find this joke inappropriate or am I the only one? If you overheard a comment like this would you say something? It really bothered me, but it’s highly possible I’m a bit crazy.

222 thoughts on “time for a beatdown

  1. Dom says:

    Oh I’m definitely with you. In fact it pissed me off ANY time a guy decides he has the God given right to judge a woman out loud on her clothing choices cuz guess what 99% of the time the girl did NOT dress up with this single person in mind.

  2. NiaLisabeth says:

    Put it this way…. She can change clothes or weight if she so chooses, he’s destined to be a face diaper ass-hat for the rest of his days.

    Ain’t no thigh gaps in this household and I would end anyone who spoke to me or anyone else like that in my hearing

  3. Heather Nemec says:

    Whoa! Definitely not cool! And its annoying bc guys wear things they shouldn’t be wearing, either. I love Summer time but its always bad because at my store you see people wearing things or not wearing things that are just not appropriate. I have seen so many men with beer bellies wearing ill fitted tank tops it is digusting. But I have never said anything. And its not just because I don’t want to lose my job. Its just not polite. Even if you really want to say it. Lol!

    • Blair (The Shameful Sheep) says:

      Haha. At least you are polite! I mean, it’s natural for people to THINK those things. But… saying it? And to a stranger? It’s just rotten. Really, though… why are women put under such standards? Where are all the ones for men and the strangers that want to point out THEIR faults? Annoying.

      • Heather Nemec says:

        Agreed it is annoying. I have never understood how some people can just talk to strangers like that. I mean you don’t know what that person is going through in their lives at that moment. It is natural for us to silently judge people but its not ok to say those things out loud. And I don’t know why guys feel they have that right to think we all have to be skinny. I know I’m not. Not like when I was in my 20’s. Its just the way the world is now and its awful.

  4. Barb Knowles says:

    Silence is not a reaction I would have. Unless, unfortunately it was addressed to me. Then I would feel humiliated, rightly or wrongly. I would wish I could say that he should feel humiliated to have those kind of eyes. Geesh.

  5. realestatehomepro says:

    I would say something. It’s interesting that men see their bodies entirely differently then women do. Men think of themselves as attractive almost without regard to reality. That is bolstered by women who willingly look past the superficial to the actual person. Women on the other hand are much more judgmental about themselves and people like Mr. Yoga Pants are just acting like bullies and jerks. Anyone who insults someone (whether it’s a man or woman doing it) with a follow up of “well, it’s just the truth and they need to know”, is simply trying deal with their own issues at someone else’s expense. Truth is extremely relative. Their truth (especially regarding body type) is certainly not everyone else’s. Truth in this regard is highly overrated especially, since it isn’t really truth.
    Keep it to yourself and recognize what it is…your opinion…and if it’s negative…why go there…it’s only your opinion…which doesn’t really count much in the big scheme of things…except you think it does…but it doesn’t. It was bad enough when they said things anonymously on the internet but to get so bold to say something like this in public is bad, bad news.

    • Blair (The Shameful Sheep) says:

      I like to lay it all out on the table haha. It wasn’t to me, it was in a restaurant waiting area. While I love yoga pants and think they are comfortable, I don’t wear them out of my house. I’m far too self conscious. So, I still took it personally in some way ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Karina Pinella says:

    I always believe in saying nothing if you have nothing good to say to someone or about someone. Sometimes that is not always easy to do, but when it comes to people’s bodies/looks and what they wear, I think it’s always best to keep those opinions to yourself. Bury it deep. Write a story about it or even a poem but just don’t say it out loud to the person’s face or back!

  7. Create-A-Holic Writer says:

    I immediately think of someone like that as not deserving of another second of our attention. Whenever such ignorance is put out into the world, it’s important that we all refuse to take it personally. It’s also important to remind ourselves that ignorance loses all of its steam when we strike it down with the power of our own inner strength and confidence.

  8. cubicleshark says:

    The nut shot is totaly justified……and according to “guy code” his male friends who witness his asinine behavioir are forbidden from interferring. thy can only tell him he deserved it, and that it is totally expected that if you wrote a check like that, your nuts may have to cash it. without the immediate negative feedback, how would the offender ever learn? Some people are like puppies, you have to immediately drag them back to the pee puddle, put the nose down there and tell them “no”.

  9. Amber Hudson Fend says:

    Some people suffer from Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and they’re looking to piss people off just for their amusement. For this reason, I try not to take the bait when people say such obviously incendiary things, but in this case I would want to make it about his under-developed cerebrum (or some other technical name for a body part he’d be too deft to point out on his own).

  10. April says:

    I would say something to the man. Not exactly sure what I would say but when something pisses me off, I have no loss for words. Of course, I would say it in a nice but belittling way. That guy was an ass wipe.

  11. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    Fucking little fucktards like that boil my piss. I hate them and they would be told to shut the fuck up if ever I heard anyone speak to my friends or family like that.
    Shit, we shouldn’t even be giving the little prick air time.
    Ignore, ignore, ignore.

  12. momtheobscure says:

    I agree that people should refrain from saying tactless, hurtful things.
    I do want to point out that it isn’t only the guys. Women are damn cruel as well. I was so pissed off once on an elevator – I can still recall it. My young son and I got on the elevator and held the door for an overweight woman with a cane. The next floor three elderly ladies get on. The next floor the overweight woman gets off. One of the elderly ladies says to her friends, shaking her head, “That’s just terrible, terrible that people let themselves get like that.” I know my eyes widened, but I didn’t say anything out of shock that this judgmental shit came from what looked like “nice, old ladies” I was so enraged. They didn’t know this woman or her circumstances. I was there to see my endocrinologist, so she probably was too. I got off the elevator and pulled my son aside and told him we don’t ever judge strangers the way that lady did.
    Not that I’m perfect, mind you. We all have different prefences/tastes/tolerances, but I try not to be judgemental or hurtful.
    Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

  13. allenrizzi says:

    I agree with what you’re saying. I was recently addressed as “old dude” by a store clerk. Fortunately I rent my skin from a rhinoceros.

  14. theprincessandthedragonblog says:

    I really don’t understand why anyone think it’s their business to say what others should or should not be wearing/doing. Wear w/e you want/makes you feel amazing, whenever you want, and honestly, don’t even bother about that silly person’s comment. In the end, it’s most likely someone miserable who’s bitter because they don’t have the confidence to live their life how they want, and they take it out on you. For what it’s worth, even though I have never met you, I applaud you for wearing what you want when you want. You’re fabulous no matter what anyone says *claps*

  15. Anxious Mom says:

    Wow. What a douchebag. And this is why a tiny part of me, as a pretty damn overweight woman, is thankful for hearing loss — I mostly don’t have to be subjected to that shit.

  16. Otakraft says:

    Hey, crazy concept dickholes of the world “WOMEN DO NOT EXIST TO FIT INTO A NARROW DEFINITION OF WHAT YOU FIND ACCEPTABLE AND ATTRACTIVE!” I will scream this from rooftops for the rest of my life like a deranged mockingbird (those fuckers are fierce, don’t mess with them). Honestly it’s the most baffling thing in the world, because men honestly believe that women care about what they think. To suggest otherwise is to get a wide-eyed and incredulous stare in response. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard men bitch about some fashion trend and I tell them “Women aren’t dressing for you, they’re dressing for themselves and possibly other women. If I wanted to dress for men I’d go naked.” And they’re so absolutely astounded, they can barely process that fact.

    This mentality is seen in the way men think women want to be catcalled. “It’s a compliment.” No, it’s an unnecessary nuisance. Have I occasionally appreciated being called beautiful? Sure. But most of the time guys calling out of me is an obnoxious experience that at best exasperates me and at worst makes me feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

    The WORST insult is that when you know how hot you are (and all women are beautiful in their own way) and admit to it, men will try to tear you down. Try it sometime, if a guy says you’re beautiful don’t say thank you, say thank you for noticing and you’ll get a very different reaction.

  17. Belinda O says:

    Saying something like that says a lot about who one is, and you run the risk of bringing yourself down to the gutter if you engage him in any way. I think it would be better to focus on the poor woman he so unnecessarily — I mean, really — humiliated. Just some sign of solidarity. But that’s idealistic. The reality is, I’d like to slice his balls off, fry them up and serve them to him dipped in wasabi sauce.

  18. Maryanne says:

    Male or female, people are assholes. The guy was either jealous because he knows the girl would never date him; or he’s simply a misogynist.

    When people insult others, it’s usually because they have issues themselves that they are embarrassed about. So when people insult me I call them on it and say, “To belittle is to BE LITTLE” and leave it at that. IF … and that’s a big IF … they eventually grow to realize how creepy they were being, they’ll feel bad and regretful and change their ways.

  19. olhicur22 says:

    Who knows why he said what he said or even how he said it. He may have actually cared about your appearance or he may have been deserving of a face diaper, or a million other may have beens. You were offended. That’s what’s so. Life is hard. We all have a hard time navigating the intricacies of appropriate human interactions. We do the best we can with what we’ve been given. We react to what confronts us with what we have been given. That’s just the way it is. Maybe we can change the way we interact with others one step at a time. I can’t control what happens in my life — I can only control how I feel about what happens. Given that, I might respond to a comment such as you recieved by pausing for a moment to reflect on the percieved insult and then saying something like,”Why would you say something like that; are you looking for a face diaper, or something?”. Then kick him in the nuts. Or not.

  20. inspirationalgem says:

    Reblogged this on A Dose of Inspiration and commented:
    No, jokes/rude comments about a woman’s weight are not ok. In my opinion. Whether it’s serious or in jest, it can be destructive and is just plain rude and uncalled for. A woman/girl may already be struggling with body image issues or an eating disorder and one dumbass comment can trigger/contribute to a potential ย relapse or onset of a disorder. I get some rude/vulgar comments occasionally on Facebook about my body/weight. I am a very confident girl and am not personally offended for myself but for every woman. A degrading comment won’t taint my confidence or very positive body image but it’s still extremely uncalled for and if they talk like this to/about one woman then very likely they are about others. Would you want someone talking to your daughter this way? Your sister? Your mom? Your best friend?…..

    A while ago on Facebook, someone told me I got thick like a thanksgiving turkey and wrote gobble gobble(i must admit I do find it a bit amusing). For all he knows I may be a woman with an eating disorder. I’m not but he doesn’t know that. And it’s an insult to every woman thin, overweight, average, athletic, muscular…to view even just one of us solely or mostly in terms of our body and compare us to food! To say a rude comment about my body is to insult every woman, everywhere.

    He meant it as a compliment but I did not warmly receive it like I usually do when someone compliments me.ย 
    Usually I look at the person’s intention even if it turns out to seem rude or less than pleasant. If the person meant well, I usually focus on that.
    But all I saw here is his thoughtlessness.
    Just like this “joke.” Maybe it was meant to be funny but it’s too thoughtless, in my opinion, to overlook it just because he meant to be funny.

    And if someone doesn’t like how someone looks in public, the person can turn the other way. We don’t have to stop and stare!
    What I wear on *MY* body has nothing to do with anyone else. If I’m too fat, too thin, too slobby, too old, too flabby, too whatever…they can look the other way. I will never encourage someone to not wear something because someone else doesn’t like it.ย 

    Even if we know/think a girl won’t mind the remark, the point is, it’s just rude and pointless.ย 

    I don’t even see how this can be considered a funny joke.ย 
    And I am extremely hard to offend. I am very easy going and easily amused in general.
    I let things slide easily.ย 
    People have told me I should be more offended than I am over things.
    But this is one of the things I think is good to address and not overlook.ย 
    I agree with you completely.ย 
    I would compliment/encourage the girl who is the target of the nonsense if I witnessed it while out & about. I want to bring more love into places where there isn’t enough.ย 
    Then when she thinks back to that occasion, she won’t just remember the thoughtlessness/callousness of the person, she’ll remember the warmth and love shown to her by another.ย 
    Beauty comes in all sizes, physiques, colors, personalities, traits, ages….<3

  21. Botendaddy says:

    Women of all kinds are a rare commodity. Most men don’t realize this until, often tragically, it is far too late. They say that every woman has her charms and most tend to look at their own flaws, rather instead of their magnificent beauty. You think of the sad, inadequate fool who insulted you and not the many who look and admire. I know this, so I appreciate the allure in a very wide variety of looks, shapes, ages (over 18) and sizes (*hot*). You are a woman of rare beauty, Sheep, know this.

    Peace be the Botendaddy

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