hi, i exist

When I got my oil changed today the man at the counter would barely acknowledge my presence. He unwillingly listened to me while typing my information into the computer, then proceeded to thank my husband at the end of it. ‘Thank you, sir, for the information and bringing your car in today!’ (So polite, right?) Alex didn’t answer one question. Not one. What in the absolute hell is going on here? Are boobs the secret to invisibility? Did I just discover something new?

It took everything in my power to keep from springing over the counter and putting my fist to his jugular. Or, at the very least, poking him in the eye with my girly manicured fingernail. Sexist asshole.


In other news, I’ll finally be moving to my new self-hosted domain soon. I’ve been putting it off for over a month because I’m afraid to lose y’all but… it’s time. In case I do fall off the face of the Earth for a few days, you will be able to find me here: www.theshamefulsheep.com . I’ll let you guys know when it’s up and running!

164 thoughts on “hi, i exist

  1. heretherebespiders says:

    I’m really sorry, but I can’t read through 119 comments to find the answer I’m sure you already have given! Will you still be on WP? Like I am, with my own domain but hosted via WP?
    And – PRICK! Here’s a fun one to try. When you both are at a till, you pay cash, and see who they try to give the change to. You have to be standing right next to each other for this to work. I will and have thrown a hissy fit when I pay and the change is handed to my male partner at the till! Grrrrrr.

  2. Ivy Willow says:

    Oh man… That sucks. Good job on keeping your cool. I couldn’t do it, I’m loud as hell! It’s been an interesting adventure with transitioning and seeing how differently people treat me now. I have to be a whole lot more pushy and have to prove myself a whole lot more to be taken seriously at all, and hell if anyone at all is going to treat me or my friends as lesser than anyone else for any reason.
    So, congrats on the patience, cause I would have ripped him a new one.

  3. thisendoftheswamp says:

    Our middle daughter did a good bit of research – Consumer Reports, etc. – before she went off looking for a car. Her then-fiancΓ© went with her. Tracy approached the salesman and told him, “I am looking for a 1910 Hupmobile, and the fellow nodded, then turned to her boyfriend, and spent the entire encounter talking to him. Tracy twice tapped the salesman on the shoulder and said, I’m the one buying the car.” “Oh, of course, ma’am. I’m sorry.” And immediately turned back to her boyfriend and began explaining the innards of the car to him.

    Tracy walked out and sat in their car. After a bit, the boyfriend came out, laughing. He said when the salesman asked him about payments and such, would be paid, “I really don’t know. My girlfriend was going to buy the car, but she got disgusted and left.” He said the salesman’s jaw just hit the floor!

    I doubt he’ll make THAT mistake twice!

  4. Bound to Be Me says:

    I hate when this happens!! The same things happens to me and my husband doesn’t understand why I get so upset. Of course HE wouldn’t understand because he isn’t the one getting ignored or treated like they don’t know what they are talking about. Thanks for the post!

  5. momtheobscure says:

    I’ve had that experience with contractors/Handyman that come to do work at the house. I am home – usually blogging or eating, and they never really look me in the eye, tell me something and then say they will call or email my husband about – as if I can’t make decisions. Since I hate personal interaction anyhow – I just let my husband deal with it.

    What is weird is when we go out to eat, which is often, the waiter/waitress will most often hand ME the check. I mean when we don’t ask for the check and they just bring it over, they’ll give it to me and I’m like that’s odd and then realize I’m more of a conservative-traditionalist than I think I am. Or perhaps, it’s odd because I’m unemployed and he’s the engineer with the job.

    • Blair (The Shameful Sheep) says:

      “I’m home blogging or eating”… Sounds exactly like me it made me laugh. I think it’s strange when I’m handed the bill too. Or when my husband and I are asked if we are paying separately when we have visible wedding rings showing. I’m sure they have to ask just in case… But it always strikes me as strange. I’m definitely a bit old fashioned.

  6. RobinLK says:

    I drive a Dodge Ram with a sticker prominently displayed. It reads: ‘No, this is not my husband’s truck.’ And yet, if we’re out together and he’s driving it, the inevitable happens: “Nice truck, bro!” He smiles, points at the sticker, and says, “Thanks, but it’s hers.”

    Meanwhile I’m thinking, ‘Sexist and can’t read. Sucks to be you.’ πŸ˜‰

  7. lightravellerkate says:

    I think its very much about him and whats going on in his life and not about you. To behave like that someone must be in Pain, still it can be offputting to experience. Thanks for liking my post

  8. bluebunny01 says:

    This happens all the time: I have had gynecologists just look and talk at my husband when they are talking about my uterus; a stupid man who insisted on talking to him about whether he wanted to buy piece of land near us – he actually directly refuysed to my face to talk to me; I also have a doctorate (so my title os genersally dr) but people assume it must be him with it etc etc. oh and they can’t get over the fact that I have a different surname to him and yet we are still married! I actually got asked about this at A&E this week – the last thing you want to talk about when you have been told to go straight to A&E is why you have a different name!

    Happens at work as well – I write academic with a colleague (who is male) and everyone talks to him about philosophy and to me about cake – but as far as I remember I write the philosophy too. ….. very very frustrating – sorry for the rant …..

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