what the hell, guys?

I only started this blog at the end of September, so my ‘year in review’ is, well… pretty damn dismal. (Actually, WP never even sent me one. Screw those monkeys for leaving me out. It’s middle school all over again.) The best thing about my stats since I’ve started blogging is -by far- the search terms people have used and landed on my site.

Let’s take a look at a few of these gems:
“i married a man that farts all the time”
“woke up to my dog humping my head”
“sheep sex”
“my husband is mean when he takes cold medicine”
“will Petco neuter my rat?”

I’m speechless, guys. No words. What’s worse — the deranged things people search for, or the fact the results link to my blog. Either way, it’s insanity.


Thanks for hanging out in 2015, friends. Thanks for sticking by when I talk about some pretty inappropriate things, drop too many swears, and get a little pun-heavy. Stay safe tonight, and don’t forget to wear your diaper.

154 thoughts on “what the hell, guys?

  1. chattykerry says:

    You only started your blog in September and look how many followers and comments you have! You are fantastic! If it makes you feel better my most looked at (but least commented) post was vajazzling. The genitalia gets them every time…

  2. spartacus2030 says:

    Hehehehehe! Funny blog! I have to read those ones still… I refuse to wear a diaper! There’s a hose from me to the bathroom!

  3. Sazzzxo says:

    I think the bigger question is why was someone searching “Sheep sex”? hahahahah! Anyway.. I love your blog posts! xx

  4. carolynswriting says:

    And thank you! That’s great work, can’t believe you only started in September 🙂 Love your blog & all your responses & also you get great commenters – if only I had the time to read all of them!
    And again, oh dear. Hopefully it wasn’t Aussies again, with the sheep sex – most likely it was the New Zealanders (we have the sort of relationship of insults that Americans & Canadians seem to have, lol!)

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