i want to force hug you guys

Everyone who wished me a happy birthday: thank you. Seriously. You guys kick so. much. ass. A lot of you said amazingly kind things to me, and I was really touched. And I don’t mean the creepy touching that my pervy cousin subjects me to every time we have a reunion hug that lasts a little too long. He’s a lingerer. I enjoyed this touching. It was nice. 

I’ve learned a lot about you guys from your giveaway submissions:
– Some of you are kind enough to open your house to foster cats (and dogs) and are helping them transition to their new homes.
– Some of you have taken in 3,4,5+ strays as the weather takes its turn towards winter. (including two people who are currently housing pregnant cats, and are playing a significant role in the welfare of her kittens)
– A lot of you are animal rescuers and have given your cats an amazing and new chance at life.
– Some of you have recently had pets pass away, and want to donate the prize in their memory.
– I’ve had people ask me, if their name was drawn, to sell the prize and donate the money to the SPCA instead.
– People have asked me how they can purchase the crocheted toys I make because they want to help benefit the SPCA. (I’m actually in the process of setting up an Etsy shop where all profits will be donated to the SPCA. I’ve just been delayed a bit!)

I’m never serious on this blog, but I wanted to point out that there are some really awesome bloggers on here. People who have big hearts, and lots of love to share. Your generosity is a great reminder of what’s good in the world. I’ve read and loved all of your stories, and appreciate everything you guys have done. Thank you. I wish I could share some wine and a piece of my birthday cake with you guys. (Well, maybe a bite. Cake is important to a girl.)

If you haven’t entered yet, and want to do so, go here: Cat-Crazy Giveaway You can still enter through the end of Saturday (11:59 pm EST)


42 thoughts on “i want to force hug you guys

  1. itsmeharshi says:

    Sorry for the late wish…
    Belated Happy Birthday…
    God bless you….😘😘😘😘🎂🎂🎈🎆🎉🎊🍰🍫🍩🍦🍧🍭🍔🍟🍝🍕🌹🌹🌹🌹😊😊😊😊😊😊

  2. pixieannie says:

    Oooooooo a birthday and I’m late to the event. Congratulations on your very special day. Love and hugs and puppy dog kisses. xxx

  3. davekingsbury says:

    Wish I felt the same way about my cat. He’s a feral beast my son picked up at University and then dumped on us. He spends all his time begging for food and vomiting it back up again on the carpet. And the cat’s not much better …

  4. InfiniteZip says:

    Happy birthday Blair, hope it was awesome. I used to rescue cats and lost two this year of age and health but have a two year old who decided she was going to live here….I don’t know how she will enjoy Florida when we move, her favorite toy is anything she can kill…bugs, mice, birds….but she is a spirited feisty one. Have an amazing day and hugs to you too. Kim

  5. Ivy Willow says:

    Birthday?! Well, a very happy late birthday, and I hope you had a blast. ^.^ It’s good to see that there are so many caring people (yourself included) all in one spot! Thank you for what you are doing.

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